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Custom Orders


Custom orders are my favorite dolls to make. Whether it be a favorite sports team or character from a book, a doll made from antique family linens or a silly self-portrait. They make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts for the birth of a baby, weddings, birthdays...


IMG_3405 2.jpeg
Green Beard the Pirate Pig, custom rag doll, book character doll, pirate doll, guinea pig stuffed animal, one of a kind doll, teesox rag doll, etsy, etsy shop, stuffed animal, sustanable rag doll, picture book character doll,
DSC_0108.JPG, custom doll, teesox rag doll, cowboy vest, horse shoe, chaps, one of a kind doll, sustianble doll
DSC_0110_edited.jpg, toy for baby boy, cowbow rag doll, teesox, etsy, baby gift, one of a kind doll, custom doll
DSC_0105.JPG, one of a kind doll, custom cowboy doll, cowboy leather chaps, hand stitched doll, sustainable stuffed animal, reclaimed clothing
IMG_0283 2.jpeg, Pippi Longstocking rag doll, TEEsox, sustainably made, reclaimed clothing, children's book character doll, etsy, etsy seller
IMG_0289.jpeg, Pippi Longstocking rag doll, TEEsox, one of a kind dolls, hand stitched doll, reclaimed clothing, doll collector, etsy, etsy seller
IMG_0285.jpeg, Pippi Longstocking doll, rag doll, etsy shop, etsy seller, sustanable doll


"Teri did an amazing job with my custom order! Her attention to detail on the character really brought him to life and my daughter loves him!"

~Janna F.

DSC_0022_edited.jpg, custom made rag doll, family heirloom linen dress, one of a kind doll, teesox rag doll
DSC_0019 2_edited.jpg, custom made rag doll, teesox, one of a kind doll, etsyshop, eco friendly, stuffed bunny
IMG_0393.jpeg, teesox rag doll, Swedish chef doll, one of a kind doll, chef hat and apron, etsy shop, etsy seller, sustainable gift, eco friendly doll, doll collector, cloth doll, hand stitched doll
IMG_0389_edited_edited.jpg, teesox rag doll, sustinably made doll, Swedish chef doll, custom made doll
IMG_0459.jpeg, Film Director Doll, TEEsox rag doll, custom order, one of a kind doll, sustianable doll, etsy seller, etsy shop, stuffed animal made with reclaimed clothing, hand stiched doll, cloth doll

 "I literally screamed with delight when I saw my film director TEEsox. I knew he would be adorable but he was beyond my expectations. Teri’s attention to detail, especially the hat, was incredible!"

~Kathleen A.

IMG_0462.jpeg, Up the 5 Director, Custom TEEsox rag doll,  One of a kind doll, hand stiched doll, etsy seller, etsy shop, eco friendly
IMG_0319_edited.jpg, custom teesox rag doll, dog doll protrait, etsy shop, etsy seller, dog love, stuffed animal dog, rag doll puppy, custom made doll, sock animal


"I asked for a custom order for our soon to be born grandson. I gave Teri a photo of my son and daughter in law’s first baby, their dog. She captured his goofiness perfectly. This is not my first TEEsox. I love the whimsy and the fact they are made from repurposed materials. Teri is also a dream to work with. She responds to questions right away and her product packaging is beautiful. Highly recommend!!"

~Cynthia J.

IMG_4060 2.jpeg
IMG_4703 2.jpg